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Primary Writing Suite

From Concept to Delivery

The Heart of it All: Machine #1

Apple Mac Pro (2019):

  • 3.2GHz 16-Core Intel® Xeon® W Processor, Turbo Boost up to 4.4GHz
  • 512GB 2933MHz DDR4 ECC Memory
  • Radeon Pro Vega II with 32GB of HBM2 Memory
  • 2TB Internal SSD Storage
  • x3 LG 27UK850 Display
  • x2 Universal Audio UAD-2 OCTO PCIe DSP Accelerator
  • x1 Avid HDX Core

External Project Storage:

  • Blackmagic MultiDock 10G
  • Samsung 1TB SSD 850 Pro 2.5" (x1 per project)

Mac Mini* (Picture over LAN via Video Slave 4 Pro)

  • 3.2GHz 6-Core 8th-generation Intel Core i7 (Turbo Boost up to 4.6GHz)
  • 64GB 2666MHz DDR4 Memory
  • 2TB SSD Storage
  • 10 Gigabit Ethernet Option

Core Routing:

  • Antelope Audio Isochrone Trinity Master Clock
  • x2 Universal Audio Apollo x16 TB3 Interface
  • Avid MTRX Studio

Primary Software:

  • Steinberg Cubase Pro 10.5
  • Avid Pro Tools Ultimate (HD)

*Note: All network peripherals routed via NetGear ProSAFE 10-Gigabit Unmanaged Ethernet Switch

The Heavy Lifter: Machine #2

Heavy Digital Audio Big DAWg*

  • 3.7GHz Ten-Core Intel® Xeon® W-2255 up to 4.5GHz
  • 256GB 2400MHz DDR4 Memory
  • 250GB Samsung Evo M.2 SSD System Drive
  • x6 Samsung 1TB SSD 850 Pro Internal Sample Drives
  • Sonnet Tech 10GbE Ethernet Adapter
  • NVIDIA GeForce GPU
  • Microsoft® Windows® 10 Professional x64 (HDA Optimized)


  • Vienna Ensemble Pro 7
  • Native Instruments Kontakt 6
  • Orchestral Tools SINE Player
  • EastWest PLAY 6

*Note: All network peripherals routed via NetGear ProSAFE 10-Gigabit Unmanaged Ethernet Switch

Hands-On: Control, Monitoring, Processing & I/O

MIDI Input and Control Devices:

  • iConnectivity mioXL MIDI Interface (MIDI Over Ethernet)
  • Doepfer LMK4+ Master Keyboard Controller
  • JL Cooper FaderMaster Pro
  • Acer UT241Y 24" Touch Display (14BitMIDI Sherlock on aux machine)*
  • Native Instruments Maschine MK3
  • Avid S3 Control Surface*
  • Avid Pro Tools | Dock*
  • Apple iPad Pro 11" (Pro Tools | Control App)
  • Apple iPad Pro 12.9" (Lemur App)
  • Keith McMillen Instruments QuNeo 3D Pad Controller
  • ROLI Lightpad Block M
  • Doepfer VFP2 Double Foot Pedal
  • Mission Engineering Inc EP-1 Expression Pedal


  • Left: Quested V2108
  • Right: Quested V2108
  • Center: Quested V2108
  • LFE: JL Audio Fathom F112V2
  • Left Surround: Quested V2108
  • Right Surround: Quested V2108
  • Stereo Pair: Avantone Pro Active MixCubes
  • Grace Design m908 Multichannel Monitor Controller

Preamps & DI's

  • Neve 1073OPX 8-Channel Mic Pre
  • x2 Phoenix Audio N-8 DI (Hardware Synth Input)

*Note: All network peripherals routed via NetGear ProSAFE 10-Gigabit Unmanaged Ethernet Switch

The Template: Flow & Featured Instruments

Cubase Pro 10.5 Template Rundown:

  • 1400+ Instrumental VEPro MIDI Tracks
  • 100+ Empty Instrumental MIDI and Native Tracks in Project Specific Folder
  • 50+ Instrument Group Processing Busses
  • 100+ Effects Returns
  • 200+ Pre-Fader Stem Sends for Tranfer to Pro Tools Ultimate
  • Quad/Surround Playback & Demo Processing Busses
  • Stereo Fold Down Buss
  • Minus Verb Stem Outs

Primary Writing Libraries:

  • Woodwinds: Orchestral Tools Berlin Woodwinds (All EXP)
  • Woodwinds: CineSamples CineWinds
  • Brass: CineSamples CineBrass
  • Brass: Orchestral Tools JXL Brass
  • Brass: Audiobro Modern Scoring Brass
  • Percussion: Audio Ollie LA Modern Percussion
  • Percussion: CineSamples CinePerc
  • Percussion: CineSamples Randy's Celeste
  • Percussion: Spifire Audio Hans Zimmer Percussion Professional
  • Percussion: EastWest/Quantum Leap Hollywood Orchestral Percussion Diamond
  • Percussion: EastWest/Quantum Leap Stormdrum 3
  • Keys: CineSamples CinePiano
  • Keys: CineSamples Randy's Prepared Piano
  • Keys: Spitfire Audio Gwilym Simcock Felt Piano
  • Harps: CineSamples CineHarps
  • Choir: CineSamples VOXOS 2
  • Choir: 8Dio Lacrimosa
  • Choir: 8Dio Silka
  • Choir: 8Dio Insolidus
  • Choir: 8Dio Liberis
  • Choir: EastWest/Quantum Leap Hollywood Choirs
  • Choir: EastWest/Quantum Leap Symphonic Choirs
  • Strings: Orchestral Tools Berlin Strings (All EXP)
  • Strings: Audiobro LASS
  • Strings: Cinematic Studio Strings
  • Strings: Best Service Chris Hein Solo Strings Complete

Primary Software Synths:

  • u-he Zebra 2
  • u-he Diva
  • Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2.6
  • Arturia V Collection 7
  • Native Instruments Massive X

Hardware Synths:

  • Dave Smith Instruments OB-6 (Desktop)
  • Dave Smith Instruments Tempest
  • Sequential Prophet-6 (Desktop)
  • Moog Subsequent 37
  • Moog One (16-Voice)
  • Arturia MatrixBrute
  • Access Virus TI2 Dark Star
  • Roland Jupiter-X