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Coming Soon: Mini Tutorials

I like to consider myself a lifelong learner. As macabre as it may sound, if you've stopped learning, your arrogance has either transcended the human experience, or you're dead. One of the two. I've also long believed in the sharing of knowledge. Sure - for those of us that either do this for a living or aspire to, we have a "sound." We've developed a method of doing things, and with any luck, we've developed something original, identifiable and unique to our art. But the very foundation of what we do isn't at all unique. We make music. And there are some out there that are either new to the art, or have been musicians their entire lives but haven't a clue as to where to start.

Whether you're a seasoned pro, or fresh on the scene and in need of that foundation, beginning this Fall, I'll be putting out mini tutorials. They'll cover workflow, general processing, mix methods, tips & tricks, loudness, deliverables, and much, much more. I have my ever evolving sound and style. But my workflow, for the most part remains the same - largely influenced by formal training, 15 or so years as a professional musician, but above all else - shadowing to a degree those that have been doing this much longer than I have.

I don't pretend to be the all-knowing keeper of knowledge. But I am the keeper of the knowledge and experience that I've gained throughout the years, and I'd love to share that with anyone that has an interest in learning. So stay tuned for weekly mini tutorials hitting YouTube and IGTV, beginning with one covering string processing (both individual and buss), 2-buss and quad buss processing, dynamics & EQ for strings, and some tips & tricks relating to feel and tempo. Cheers!

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Brett James is a film composer and sound designer based in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Having been brought up within The Bay Area’s legendary music scene, Brett's craft has evolved into scoring to picture and other visual mediums, drawing inspiration and influence from his roots as a touring and studio rock guitarist, along with his childhood favorites in some of films greatest themes. Also a self-proclaimed Gear-Geek, he strives to share his adventures and gained insight in this industry, as it pertains to other working composers and those that aspire to be apart of such a wonderful and rewarding career.


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