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Sony Scoring Stage

Mix Magazine Presents: Sound for Film & Television

So... In my ripe old age of 33 and some change, I've become of a particular brand of hermit. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing. I have my people. And I love them dearly. But I also recognize the need to network outside of the realm of "the box." With that said, it's beyond me that in the 5 years that I've been actively at this thing we call post-production (because that's what we as composers are - we ARE post-production), that I've managed to miss 5 whole years of Mix Magazine's Annual Sound for Film & Television event at Sony.

Enter Instagram - In all of its glorious creepiness, Instagram catered to my need to leave the dungeon I like to naively call "the writing suite," and summoned me the 359 miles south of the Bay Area to Century City. Or rather, Burbank. Because that's where I stayed. Or Reseda. Whatever. Family stuff.

Anywho, from the moment I stepped foot on that backlot - with those people - doing what they do, and removing themselves from the comfort of their own workspaces for the sake of meeting new, like-minded people, geeking out over the incredible facilities that Sony has to offer, the products vendors are pushing, and listening to seasoned veterans talk about their own work on the hottest film and television offerings.

In summary, no one can quite understand the power one feels when standing in a room like the Streisand Scoring Stage. What started as an extra building to shoot in, became a staple in this industry. If you're a user of anything by CineSamples, you've heard it. If you're as big a fan of Back to the Future as I am, you know it's magic. Standing where Silvestri stood and unabashedly commanding attention from your imaginary musicians is something we should all experience at least once. At least before the next big thing. Cheers!

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Brett James is a film composer and sound designer based in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Having been brought up within The Bay Area’s legendary music scene, Brett's craft has evolved into scoring to picture and other visual mediums, drawing inspiration and influence from his roots as a touring and studio rock guitarist, along with his childhood favorites in some of films greatest themes. Also a self-proclaimed Gear-Geek, he strives to share his adventures and gained insight in this industry, as it pertains to other working composers and those that aspire to be apart of such a wonderful and rewarding career.


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